Glossary: Terms, Locations, Misc – My Document for the Glossary – May include Spoilers

NameAlternative NameTypeDescription
RiverstonesnoneClanClan of the Berts and Flora’s Clan
Huffgrin Huffgrin Skateboards
and Active Wear
ClanAli’s Company, old business partners of Flora
Ricky’s RunnersRicky’s RunnersClanFree-Running Company in Tricky Beach
GuardianAngelsGanglesClanRival Clan of Riverstones
SupremeCarrierSupcarClanRival Clan of Riverstones
CetviwosCentralTank Virtual WorldsCompanyTerm for the whole Game including all servers and worlds
CentralTanknoneCompanyParent Company of the Cetviwos
VirDiasVirtual DiamondsCurrencyCurrency of the Cetviwos Shop
VirDosVirtual DollarsCurrencyCurrency of the Metaworld and Tourism-Worlds
VirPensVirtual PenniesCurrencyCurrency of the Metaworld and Tourism-Worlds
DitsCreditsCurrencyCurrency of the Merc-Game and Space-Game
GC, SC, CCGold, Silver, Copper CoinsCurrencyCurrency of the KingdomBuilding-Game
Hinchwood Tupuna FactionTribe that loves the YinYang Tree
The Garage FactionFaction for Crafters, Mechanics and Electronics, Repairs
MI Magetech InstituteFactionFaction for Technology
MIIMagetech Inc.FactionCorperation behind MI
7MDThe Seven Masters DojoFactionTraining Gym for unarmed combat
The Garage FactionFaction for Crafters, Mechanics and Electronics, Repairs
Hunting Lodge FactionSurvival, Hunting, Wookcraft
Homemaker’s Haven FactionCrafting
Elemental Council FactionCouncil of the Deans of the Elemental Faculties
Halls of Magic FactionMagic Faction ,HQ Zauberberg
Tricky Beach LocationZone for tricking like skateboarding, free-running, BMX
Cetviwos Academy LocationNewbie Information
Xenysia LocationPlanet in the Doom Moon scenario with a terrorist uprising.
Cathedral of Home Appliances LocationFlora’s lair and church.
Training AcademyTALocationTraining Gym for Stats
Mini-Masters Lounge LocationPub at Panem et Ludos.
Ib LocationMain Continent of the Cradle (South)
Laug LocationMagical continent of the Cradle (North-East)
Reye LocationTechnological continent of the Cradle (North-West)
Talpica LocationCapital of the Cradle, Starter-City, on Continent Ib
Zauberberg LocationMagic capital of the Cradle, on continent Laug
Caihaven LocationTrading and Culture capital, on continent Laug
Sunri LocationTechno capital, on continent Reye
Texopor LocationTrick capital, on continent Reye
Marino LocationCrafting capital, on continent Reye, HQ MI
Djun Shire LocationWood and Survival capital, on continent Ib, HQ Hunting Lodge
Fortend LocationWar capital on continent Ib
Vody LocationWater Capital on continent Ib
Sok LocationMetal Capital on continent Ib, HQ Garage
Wereldstad LocationFire Capital on continent Ib, 
Zwolm LocationDwarf Capital
Aborn LocationElven Capital
Sprout IslandsSprilesLocationIslands in the middle of the Cradles
Playa Khilade LocationPlayer Capital
Tsoville  LocationFlora’s hero entrance village
Ib Intercity AllianceIIALocationCentral part of the continent Ib. Federation of towns and countys.
1000s series Miscbooks like ‘1000 homemaker spells’
Cetviwos Central TimeCCTMiscTimezone, 12 AM = 12 PM and AM CET
Irisdia Funnel MiscWaterworld Sailing Challange
central TeleVision webcTVwMiscTV-Station of Central Tank.
Ib Intercity Alliance
Mayor Portal
 MiscNetwork of the Rulers of the City States of IB
Racketfun ShopTennis and Squash shop
PirouetteFreaks ShopDancing Shop
Bakery Gottfriedl ShopFlora’s neighbour
Nocknape-socketTermAllows you to link to machines via jacks
Mannequin-RoutinesKin-RouteTermExperios in Sculptures
The BreaTress-Minigame TermHacking Mini-Game
Modifying GraphMorphTermDiagram/Graph to modify skill diagrams/matrix
Experio TermAll senses “video”. You experience what the recorder experienced
Level ValueLV, LevelTermNumber, important number :). If a “modded” or “M” is in front,
that just means all bonus (buffs, equipment, etc) are included
Operative ValueOVTermNumber, derives from LV. If a “modded” or “M” is in front,
that just means all bonus (buffs, equipment, etc) are included
Instance TermInstancianted part of the world.
A new instance is created for every party
HI3, HIxHeroic Instance for 3/x playersTermDungeon in Hardmode
number/x signifies recommended group size
NI3, NIxHeroic Instance for 3/x playersTermDungeon in normal mode,
number/x signifies recommended group size
DungeonInstanceTermA specific instance for slaying bosses and LOOOOOT
RGSRecommended Group SizeTermHow many players are recommended to slay opponent successful
RatingThe bleeping ratingTermLetter the system uses to tell you how much you suck
or how awesome something is (not you)
Rating FunratedTermUnrated. Even System doesn’t know what to do with it
Rating ETrashTermBottom 0-20 percent
Rating DNormTerm20-40 percent
Rating CSoldierTerm40-60 percent
Rating BSarge, SergeantTerm60-80 percent
Rating ABossTerm80-98 percent
Rating SBig Boss, SuperTermTop 1-2 percent
Rating SSSupreme SuperTermTop 1000
Rating SSSSplendid Supreme SuperTermTop, maximum 10 things/people/feats in a category
Tier x TermLevel range
Tier 0Earth standardTermItems, Materials, etc you find in Real Life
Tier 1BeginnerTermLevel 1-25
Tier 2IntermediateTermLevel 25-50
Tier 3PracticionerTermLevel 50-100
Tier 4AdvancedTermLevel 100-200
Tier 5MasterTermLevel 100-250
Realm 1GroundTermLevel 1-250
Realm 2SkyTermLevel 250-500
EarthlingPlayerTermTerm for players, race for players
WaterlingWater peopleTermRace: blue, green and white skin and hair.
Subraces: Salt, Ice, Lake, River, …
FirelingFire peopleTermRace: red, yellow, orange, white skin and hair
Subraces: Flame, Ember, Cinder, …
MetalingMetal peopleTermRace: metallic skin and hair
Subraces: Precious, Ferrous, Pure, Alloy, …
WoodlingPlant peopleTermRace: green, brown skin, green, brown, colorful hair
Subraces: Tree, Flower, Fruit, Fungus, …
Milestones TermSpecial Feature when reaching a new Tier,
exact effect depends on wether it’s an attribute, skill, affinity or ability
First ImprovementLevel 25 – MilestoneTerm10% bigger mLV
Second LuckLevel 50 – MilestoneTermlucky shot 20% chance (dmg crit for +100%)
Third WindLevel 100 – MilestoneTermGets 3 times/30% stronger when pool/target is < 30%
Forth CrossLevel 200 – MilestoneTermGet 40% of LV of the corresponding attribute
Get a magical effect for abilities
Get damage resistance for affinities/rest
Get add effect for skills
First AscencionLevel 250 – MilestoneTermChanges calculation of OV
Fifth FlairLevel 400 – MilestoneTermSpecial Skill: 5 times LV for OV seconds, refreshes pool, 40 min CD
LoggyLocal Check-In Pedestal,
Check-In Console
TermPedestal for logging into a zone to access
quests, special offers, trainers, shops
High Faction TermEvery High Power belongs to High Faction
Black/Blue, White, Green, Yellow, Red 
High Power TermThe ruling AI of that power. In the Divine Branch they are called Gods, in Magic Magix, in Survival Nature, in Warrior Power, in Trick Shadow, in Social Grace, in Crafts Artifice, in Techno ?
Faction TermEverything you can get a reputation with or contribute to including guilds, clans, alliances, companies, dojos, tribes …
Zone TermArea in the Cetviwos.
Following actions are dependent on the Zone:
Type of Defeat, Droprate, Interaction with others, Level Cap,
Reputation Gain/Loss with governing Faction
Losers CornerOrange JailTermDefeated Players get ported and jailed in it.
Area with an timed orange barrier.
Often contains seats or food stalls.
Physical PowerStrengthTermThe Attribute represents the strength of the player and influences melee weapon damage, especially blunt weapon damage. Associated Pool Value: Stamina.
Physical Macro ControlAgilityTermThe Attribute represents the gross motor skills of the player and influences speed, flexibility, and slashing damage. Associated Pool Value: Stamina.
Physical Micro ControlDexterityTermThe Attribute represents the fine motor skills of the player and influences crafting, ranged damage and piercing damage. Associated Pool Value: Stamina.
Physical VigorVitalityTermThe Attribute represents the health and influences the number of hit points (HP) of the player. Associated Pool Value: Hit Points.
Physical RegenerationEndurance, Phy RegTermThe Attribute represents the recovery of your body and influences how fast your health and stamina bars fill up. Associated Pool Values: Hit Points, Stamina.
Physical DefenceDefTermThe Attribute represents the defense mechanisms of a body against physical harm and influences how much of the received attack get subtracted from your hit points (HP). Associated Pool Value: Hit Points.
Physical PerceptionSensesTermThe Attribute represents the acuity of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, and influences ranged combat and visual system help for abilities and skills. Associated Pool Value: none.
Magical PowerIntelligenceTermThe Attribute represents the magical might and influences the strength of magical effects, especially of elemental magic. Associated Pool Value: Concentration.
Magical Macro ControlModellingTermThe Attribute represents the stability of magical casting and influences casting speed, spell modification, and arcane effects, damage, and healing. Associated Pool Value: Concentration.
Magical Micro ControlIntentTermThe Attribute represents the ability to connect the caster and target. It influences aim, ejection speed, and intent effects, damage, and healing. Associated Pool Value: Concentration.
Magical VigorMana, WillpowerTermThe Attribute represents the amount of mana a player can store and directly influences the number of mana points (MP) of the player. Associated Pool Value: Mana Points.
Magical RegenerationMana-RegTermThe Attribute represents the recovery of your spirituality. It influences how fast your mana and concentration bars fill up and how much you can power latent spells and charge magical or magetech devices or companions. Associated Pool Values: Mana Points, Concentration.
Magical DefenceMage DefTermThe Attribute represents the defense mechanisms of a body against magical harm and influences how much of the received attack get subtracted from your hit points (HP). Associated Pool Value: Hit Points.
Magical PerceptionSix SenseTermThe Attribute represents the sensing magic and entities with mana, and influences ranged magic and visual system help for abilities and skills. Associated Pool Value: none.
PoolsBarsTermHP, MP, Concentration, Stamina
HPHealth Points, Hit Points,
Health bar
TermMeasures the health of player. Damage taken reduces the value.
Regenerates with physical regen.
MPMana Pool, Mana Points,
Mana bar
TermMeasures the mana of player. Casting Skill reduces the value.
Regenerates with magical regen.
CPConcentrationTermMeasures the magical endurance. Casting Skills, doing magic stuff reduces the value.
One Bar for each tief of magical power.
Regenerates with magical regen.
SP Stamina Points, Stamina barTermMeasures the endurance. Doing physical stuff, like using abilities, reduces the value.
One bar for each tier of magical power.
Regenerates with physical Regen.
Stats TermEverything with a level. Describes the character.
Attributes Term14 stats, look at “magical” and “physical”
Abilities TermNonmagical stuff, like climbing, sword fighting, singing
Mana SkillsSkillsTermMagical Skills, have usually a mana cost
AffinitiesA&RTermDescribes how good the secondary effect of a skill. (Burning with Fire, Freezing with Cold).
Influences the max dmg/healing of a skill.
Shares value with resistance.
ResistancesA&RTermLowers received secondary Effects. (Burn, Freeze, Poisoned, bleeding, stun, shocked,…)
Does not prevent damage from primary damage normally (below LV 200)
Shares value with Affinity
Class-Tree TermRead Chapter 31 … 
Aracos WorldTourism World
Metaworld WorldStarting World for everybody, Player Lairs, Like Earth
Paleo Planet WorldDino World
No Human World WorldPrestine Earth
Water World WorldLot’s of Water
Amusement Park World WorldFairs, Slides, Rollercoasters, …
Build Your World WorldRawmaterials and places, for Architecture Geeks
Sports and Boards WorldSport and Games and Compitions
Panem et Ludos PvP PlanetWorldPVP world
the Trenches WorldLevel 5-100 MMORPG Gameworld (3-4 different Servers)
the Converge WorldLevel 100-200 MMORPG Gameworld/Server
the High Grounds WorldLevel 200-250 MMORPG Gameworld/Server
the Ascend WorldLevel 250-400 world MMORPG Gameworld/Server
The Cradle WorldLevel 1-5 MMORPG Gameworld/Server
the PlaygroundKiddie SeverWorldFor players under 18 years and their guardians. Level Cap 100