Joan Ninja Hen writes web fiction and animates pictures, preferably book covers. Her favorite genres are Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and a mixture of both. She writes German stuff as well under the name “Janine Johann”.

Joan grew up in a small German town where her family lived for the last 500+ years. She has a great cousin who is also her great cousin once removed and has to plug her eyebrows to impede presenting a mono-brow. Being adventurous, Joan dared to move 25 km away on the other side of the Rhine but is still a Pfaelzer at heart.

After getting educated in a Catholic all-girls school (yes, all prejudices about them and their students are true), she got a degree in Business Information Technology and a Bachelorette of Business Administration. Afterward, Joan studied Philosophy and History of Science and Technology and obtained a master in World of Warcraft.

After working fifteen years as a software developer and IT consultant, Joan decided that financial security is overrated and started a second career as a freelancing artist. You can get most of her stories and art for free. However, she still loves money and appreciates receiving donations via PayPal and Patreon.

Visit for more information or her YouTube channel, where she documents her journey and stuff.

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